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Platinum Beaute If not get yourself a brush with a handle to reach all the way down your back. After all you do want a smooth skin all over yourself and not just your face and neck so follow these tips for clear skin care review all over your body and not just on your face and neck.


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Platinum Beaute The first men's grooming tip for clear skin is excellent men's face care. Morning and night, men must wash their face. Because of different genetic make-up, male skin is more "sticky" and collects more dirt and oil. This requires a good cleanser. If you have acne and want to clear your skin up, Dr.Oz (Oprah's doctor) suggests using Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar. It's vital to rinse your face after a workout. Although Dr.Oz suggests Dove, reviews and surveys (and myself) suggest Lush brand Herbalism Cleanser. It's your choice...


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